Quacebs for Jesus Gaxea Study
Text for today:
Remulak 88:22-400
Chandoon 101:10-55

      "Zarkin, on the day of his return to the city of Chombark, offered his son Yiblek to Ponai, saying, `O Ponai, let this sacrifice be acceptable in your sight.' But the Holy One, blessed be he, said, `It is not necessary for you to offer your son Yiblek, for there has been provided an alternative sacrifice from a distant galaxy.' This can be none other than the promised Oryu(A. Chewbacca 4:222)."

      Zarkin was a man of great faith. Out of his great dedication to Ponai, he attempted to sacrifice his one and only son, Yiblek. In this passage, Chewbacca recalls that important scene from Remulak 88 in order to remind us of the prophecies of Giblet Chandoon concerning the Oryu.
      Jesus, when he died on the cross on planet Earth, fulfilled this prophecy. His death is also a reflection upon the Yumbar, the offering of Zarkin, for, in this death, like in the story of Zarkin, Ponai did not withhold his own son. However, unlike Zarkin's story, Ponai's son was actually offered in sacrifice for our sin.
      Jesus truly is our Oryu. Let us praise and worship him!

      Dear Ponai, thank you for sending your Son Jesus, as the promised Oryu and our savior. Andere.